The Main Message Of The Film Moonlight

Moonlight is not just addressing homosexuality in African American neighbourhoods, but is also addressing young men living outside that world. The film is showing us how manliness takes on many different forms. A second important part of the film is how the characters invested time in prison or adolescent confinement to demonstrate the constant imprisonment in African American communities. It is not typical of people growing up when they say, ‘I went to prison’ or ‘I went to grade school’. It’s not something that I think was adequately emphasized, but this is a sad and significant picture. It’s similar to the current race discussion of African Americans being over-incarcerated and unable to escape networks. A. O. Scott said in the “Moonlight Reviews,” “His efforts to understand the difference between his schoolyard homophobia and his own confusing desires are one of the tracks that his episodic chronicle advances.” This quote resonated strongly with me.

Moonlight is a film that portrays a romantic story with an eccentric twist, which is believable and convincing. Kevin is Chiron’s beloved friend and the inevitable sentimental enthusiasm. He is depicted as a manly and hyperactive person to make him appear more thoughtful to Chiron. The story is told in a way that is unadulterated, cinematographically. It’s a love story for a place where it would be inappropriate to kiss these two young boys. Chiron’s kissing Kevin did not represent a simple act of interest or disobedience, but rather a development in freedom. The film explores this disconnection from culture as Chiron grows into a street hustler. He is still the same hesitant high schooler who kissed an unknown man on Miami Beach.

It’s important to convey this message because Chiron’s story about learning to accept himself in a world that is determined to destroy him is the exact type of thing people in public discuss when it comes to impact. Chiron’s life can be felt by sitting with him through his many pivotal moments. To see how deeply his life has been influenced is to live it along side him. Moonlight can be viewed as a means of creating empathy and understanding. Everyone should realize that no two people are alike, and that unappreciated characters will show up in various ways depending upon who they’re attached to. Moonlight’s eccentricity is one thing, but it means something different when the film works within the boundaries of poverty and opportunity.


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