Nonverbal Communication In Poland And USA

Nonverbal interaction is when people send and receive messages without using words. The nonverbal styles of communication between American and Polish cultures are similar.

Eye contact is a key element in non-verbal communications, and it has a significant impact on conversation quality. Eye contact can be misinterpreted and misunderstandings are common when it is not used correctly. The balance is key. It is bad to avoid eye contact. This behavior will make you seem timid, insecure, and worse still, unconvincing. A person who stares at a speaker without interjecting for a prolonged period may be aggressive or stubborn.

Although it’s invisible, you know where the boundary is. We do not like to have it violated. The distance between you and your partner can be determined by the position of each person, cultural norms and intimacy. Social zone is between four and 12 feet. We use the social zones when we are shopping, waiting for the bus, or walking our dogs. In order to be considered in the public zone, the distance between sender and recipient must be at least 12 ft. Public speeches are often given by celebrities, politicians and actors. Up to 2 feet is the intimate zone.

In Poland as well as in America, a person can tell the true intention of their interlocutor by observing the body language. Before we even start speaking, we are judged by the people in a room. In order to be taken seriously, appearance, movement and speed are key. Confidence is shown by a confident, determined step. The position we take is equally important. It is important to sit at the center. This gives us an opportunity to lead. Also, our thoughts reveal hands. Rub them to indicate that you are uncomfortable, and cross your arms as a defensive action.

How we look affects others. We can convey our social standing, our group membership, and even our mood through our appearance. Although this is not a universal rule, people tend to judge others based on their appearance. Our style gives us an image. The American public prefers a more casual look. People in Poland dress up very well for work and parties, because they believe that the way you look is as important as your skills.